Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beauty Talks - Jacqueline Fernandez


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Interview conducted by Nicholo Paulo Ventura

An enchanting ambassador of her native land, Jackie ranks well with her winning combination of beauty, brains and personality. She exudes tremendous potential, and that is the keyword to get ahead at this year's Miss Universe contest. Having starred on television newscasts, she is already trained to deliver and emanate loads of confidence.

• What would your friends say to describe you?
As quoted from a close friend- 'Charming, charismatic, a breath of fresh air everywhere she goes. An inspiration to all, who believes that dreams do come true and that courage and positive thinking goes a long way. A believer, an achiever and a conqueror! Compassion is her greatest asset.'


• Tell something about your childhood dream.
As a child, I always wanted to be an actress, for the glitz and glamour part of it all. Ironically, I was also very determined to become a nun and dedicate my life to God. As I got older though, I realized I could do great things for humanity and at the same time pursue a career that I had a passion for which I've now realized is investigative reporting or TV broadcasting. Through this career, I can combine my love for TV and media while doing social service by providing the truth to the people. BBC here I come!

• Can you share to us your beauty secret?
Keep smiling! It's one thing that makes you look beautiful, confident and positive all the time and radiates a natural glow that no make-up or beauty regimen can imitate.


• What is your favorite part of your body & why?
I would say it's my eyebrows. They're thick and dark and highlight the passion in my eyes. They are symbolic of my Asian heritage and make me come across as a sharp, focused and deep person.

• What's inside your bag right now?
Small bottle of water, TIME magazine, lip balm, my wallet and not forgetting my perfume! I love smelling good at all times!


• How would you define "beauty?"
The noblest kind of beauty is the one that slowly filters into the mind. Beauty is something that comes from within. It is a feeling you leave behind in the hearts of others. Charisma, charm, compassion and intellect are considered as beauty that will always be remembered because it can be felt.

• What were your reasons for joining the Miss Sri Lanka 2006 pageant?
It's always been a dream of mine as a child as I always wanted to do something great for my country. To me, there is no greater honor than to be given the opportunity to represent your country to the world and I knew it could provide me with a gateway to further my humanitarian goals in life. As I grew older, I knew that this was a challenge I wanted to take up. It seemed like a long shot but you don't have to be a phenomenal person to do phenomenal things so I reached for the stars and never looked back!


• How were you elected as Miss Sri Lanka Universe? Describe the judging process.
The judging process consisted of four main categories. The day before the pageant, we were brought before the judges for a personal interview with them where they judged us on intellect, personality and articulation of views. We then paraded in our swimming outfits to be judged on confidence and poise and also on 'beauty of face'. On the day of the pageant, we were judged on our evening gowns and stage presence, and finally the interview on stage.

• What do you think are your qualities that helped you earn the judges' approval & the crown?
From the feedback I got, it was my dedication to being a perfectionist in every way. My hard work and devotion was evident and realized through the interview and all the mini pageants. But I think the judges were able to see in me the passion and the drive to do my best for Sri Lanka and that commitment I feel is what won their hearts.


• Tell us about your preparations for the Miss Universe contest.
Physical preparations are fundamental to achieving success in a beauty pageant as it displays your discipline and drive. However, that said, it is imperative to train yourself mentally as competition requires a lot of will power. I do a lot of research, reading and also public speaking wherever I get the chance to grace an audience and this I feel has helped immensely by building up my confidence as a person- the key to achieving any form of success.

• Can you tell something that is so interesting or unique about you?
In my opinion, the most interesting thing about me would have to be the fact that my birth was never meant to be as my mother had already undergone a sterilization operation after my brother was born. However, it just so happened that the operation didn't go quite according to plan, it basically was a flop! And there I was, a person who just thrives on life and never lets any second go to waste. My mother always reminds me that I was a miracle child.



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