Sunday, October 10, 2010

Miss Luangprabang 2007

I´ve reading on some comment about why they saw alot of light skinned Lao girls. Well not that am so bias about the color but its what i have found so i will post it up.
You see there´s tan skinned girls also. Basically what i found i will post it up. Plus the thread is about Beautiful Lao Girls, there for even if she´s light skinned and she´s pretty i will post it up, same as tan skinned. Sure you will see that much less, cause its what the media want, you will see more light skinned ones. I´ll try my best to put all beautiful Lao Girls here regarless skin color.
Now we´re going to see more commercialized pictures, so yeah its pretty logical you will see fair skinned ppl....alright? No complain anymore okie? Oh dont go saying around about this issue again. Cause i´m not Lao and i´m the one who posted the most pictures up. Dont blame on Lao members for these Fair skinned pictures.

Have any problem come to me, okay?
Here we go again with the pictures!

Miss Dove 2007

Miss Talad Sao Vientiane


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