Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beauty girl vol 42

Scott began with tan-hued looks covered in work-boot footprints, a silk caftan, then a frumpy housedress, a silk button down shirt dress, and another shapeless, below-the-knee granny dress, then followed with a male model embarrassingly clad in sheer black pants tied up in a big bow, with the same motif repeated on his on-display underwear. All the women wore large round hats that looked like manhole covers; the man had a hardhat to match his frou-frou pants.
Next up was a series of black-and-silver tire motifs, the pattern repeated on a short silk dress cinched with a wide leather belt; on a hoodies paired with sheer black shorts; on a one-piece, one-shoulder ruffled bathing suit; on a tiny romper; and on him, done in boxers with a matching vest and another hardhat.
Other motifs in the collection were giant handprints done in silver on black, in a variety of styles, including an evening gown; a bright yellow ruler look, with the inch marks printed in jet black, shown on super-skinny, super-tight jeans for both men and women; and the most fun of all, a riot of caution, stop, and other street signs combined into a pattern that adorned miniskirts, sweats, and even the designer himself, as he headed out to take his bow.


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