Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beauty girl vol 43

But if lounging by the pool or hanging out on your yacht is part of your world, then her super sexy, super skimpy Beach Bunny designs may be just what it takes to turn the right heads. But wearers should be prepared to use a lot of sunscreen, or there's going to be some wicked tan lines that follow.
Like with the "Smooth Criminal" suit, a black halter top embellished with two large silver keys hanging from the bodice strap, and a large chain lock dangling from the super-skimpy bottoms. Those are going to leave weird lines for sure. Or how about the "Stairway to Heaven," with its bodice top, complete with a riots of open-weave side lace and actual shoelaces going up the belly to the bodice line. The "Bed of Roses" suit, a triangle top embellished with rose appliqués shouldn't be too problematic, but wearing the tiny bottoms, made with a piece of lace, then a gap of skin, and then the rest of the suit below, will inevitably create a stripe of lighter skin just above the pubic bone.


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