Monday, October 4, 2010

Fruit Cosmetics - Banana


Contain serotonin, pectin, tanin, noradrenalin, 5 hidroksitritamin, dopamin and various vitamins such as vitamin A, C and B complex. Used as a facial moisturizer.
How to Create & Using:
• Take a banana Ambon, which has been destroyed mask ago
• Add olive oil
• Use and regularly repeat the herb as a powder

Human Age Life Phase

Phase 1
At the time of reaching the age of 25-35 years. At this time began to decrease hormone production and cell damage occurs start but does not give the influence on health. Body still keep in shape.

Phase 2
At the age of 35-45 years, hormone production is declining as much as 25%. Body also began to experience oldn. At this time, the eyes start to farsighted glasses so that will need to use lens plus, the hair began to gray, the body is reduced stamina. If at this time and before, you make lifestyle that is not healthy can be exposed to cancer risk.

Phase 3
Occurred at the age of 45 years and over. During the production of this hormone are reduced until finally stopped altogether. Women experience the menopause is called while the proa experience andropause period. At this time the skin is to be hollow because of the dehydration, the body becomes tired quickly. Degeneratif various diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease began to attack.

Mild Skin with Sugar - Beauty Tips

Sugar that we normally use the term in the chemical, known as sukrosa the taken from sugar cane or nira industry with a long process. Besides the known glucose (dektrosa), fruit sugar (fruktosa), glucose syrup, sugar milk (laktosa), etc.

However generally on the sugar does not contain vitamins, does not have any fiber (fiber), and contain only a small amount of minerals, but contains quite a lot of calories, about 394 kkal in 100 grams of material. So that it can be said, sugar is a source of calories that poor nutritional value. Section of all materials of value such as vitamins, minerals and so lost during the purification of sugar, so that left only a material that can cause various diseases.

Beauty Tips - Cause to fall sewage

After about 15-20 minutes, the material that is half lulur dry up, can start diluruhkan. How is the rub-gosokkannya slowly so that the skin does not blister

After the drop, Rinse the surface of the body be oiled before lulur with warm water to clean the remaining dirt materials used lulur. Hot water works to open a pore-pore body. Then siram body with cold water to close the back skin of pore-pore. To moisten the skin with a perfect, once dried, use a body lotion or body creme that has a higher womb moisturizer for your type of skin that has dried.

Beauty Tips For Wedding Day

More important you have a look at the best of a particular day on the other, and no day is more important than on your wedding day. This is the only days (hopefully) where you are guaranteed to be stars of the event, this is the day when all my friends and family will see you at the same time. This is the day when you committed to spend the remaining time in your life with someone you love. you must have the best the appearance more than the others, so to help you, we provide some tips for you to look beautiful on your wedding ..

- Long before your big day, you should do skin care and nail. remember, take beautiful, smooth skin and beautiful nails that can not be produced in a day.
- Avoid the sun
- Provide a lot of time in the morning before the wedding for makeup
- If possible, do make up the experiment and the regulation of hair one or two days before
- Your wedding is very special, so do not be afraid to use make up the extreme outside of the normal limit your make up
- As much as possible avoid a line of black around the eyes or mouth
- Use kalsik that make up the make up of which is the latest trend
- Ask your mother to bring some of the equipment make up, to anticipate the situation when you need to make up your wedding ditengah2

Understand Your Body For the perfect Beauty

Maybe you understand how to appear beautiful, but sometimes feel there is someone that is not complete in their appearance. So start now you should understand it for the sake of a perfect beauty.

Higher body
Where a woman does not want to have a high body vessel model? Presumably trends bak super model's body is certainly a desire for women. However you should be able to form the body proportionally from both high and body weight. Generally women who have high body has bones of the face and hard eyes of the less symmetrical.

Solution Make-up: To get the trappings of a perfect effect, avoid doing shading techniques (drawing shadows on your face with foundation and powder). This will add a strong impression on the bone. Use a spreader cheek wipe with soft hazy and structure to balance the use Scotch (Scotch tape eyes). To avoid visible imprint on the lid, with eye shadow or highlight color pink and white.

Honey Lip Gloss For Your Lip

Continue if the lips feel soft and healthy not broken in pieces. Lip Gloss natural fruit from the Almond. Material, provide 1 spoon almond oil (you can get in the spa shop), 10 seeds of the fruit Canberry (you can buy in the supermarket), 1 teaspoon honey 1 spoon of oil and vitamin E (you can buy in pharmacies or beauty shop).

Mix all the ingredients do in a heat-resistant container, and heat in the microwave (if there can not boiled). Boil until fruit canberry melt and mixed evenly throughout the dough. sort hold. After the fruit were destroyed, and lift cooled. Then filtered and placed in a container that can be opened, let it cool. Use the brush with lipstick as lipgloss. This herb can survive up to 1 week when stored in the refrigerator. Continue guaranteed future lipgloss increasingly preoccupied with this.

Maskering For Beauty

Rose flower essence savor subtilize nutritious and refreshing tired skin. While honey moisturizer works as well as killer bacteria on the skin. Rose mask this course have a myriad of powerful to savor the beauty Skin.

Provide 2 spoons honey, almond oil 2 spoons (you can buy in a store spa), 5 drops of Rose oil essence (you can get in the spa shop), 2 drops vitamin E oil (you can get in the drug store).

Then Mix all ingredients until mixed evenly before. Use as a face mask while dimassage (sorted) and oil seep in the skin for about 15 minutes for relaxation. Then Rinse with warm water until clean. Nah Skin now will be guaranteed fresh and more mild.


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