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Get The Beauty With The Sun Block

Cemical Hair Beauty Treatment

You make a hobby of the equipment such as hair coloring, ion, hair, or what the exact style. But rarely post on the use of chemical processes like hair that makes of your hair be problematic as at the end of the broken, deciduous, prickly, a myriad of problems that the main candidate to reduce the beauty of your hair. Indeed, it any use of the chemicals will reduce the health of your hair. I really, any use of the chemicals will reduce the quality of the hair if not offset the appropriate treatment. What hair is vulnerable to the use of chemicals. If you are like of your hair-creambath directly in the hope that conditions can restore your hair. But what happens? Thus of your hair more fragile and easy to fall off? incorrect?

You often make the activity under the blazing sun is surely forget Sun Block, but I still see the dark skin help?. Actually easy, follow the right way put Sun block.

1. Sun block wearing the skin dry at least 20-30 minutes before exposure to sunlight. The goal is to provide opportunities Sunblock diffluent and give maximum protection to the skin.

2. Use Sun Block more in the face of often sun exposure

3. Do not forget to sign Sunblock, even on a cloudy day. Repeat it every hour if you are swimming or sweating. The Sun have some kind of block that are not waterproof waterproof.

4. Hair also needs a guardian because the hair is exposed to more sun exposure tends to be dry and dull. Get the mild sensation with conditioner containing protective rayhes.

5. Hold this rule: avoid the sun, even when you put Sun block, between 10 o'clock am to 4pm. If you exit the room, always wearing hats and masks.

Refreshing Your Mind With Bathing

What do you with your bathing to be more experience and fresh? Easy, once a week to start the ritual in the bathroom with a variety of natural appearance get more fresh. Make sure you really enjoy this ritual so that you do bored. lets take the prescription.

Mandi Susu Madu For Soft Skin:

Provide a cup of milk powder (can be any brand) one teaspoon baby oil, two tea spoon of honey mixed with one cup water. Intervene earlier to all the material in the bath tub or a small tub. Use the ingredients before berendam at once to wipe the body dry and rough. Berendamlah with warm water for about 20 minutes ago Rinse as usual.

Vegetable and Fruit For Beauty II

Type of face skin is the second type of dry skin. Usually the skin look dull or not lighted, sometimes feels strain (interested), scaly, and prickly. The state of pore-pore of skin often appear faded and rough, and wrinkled, so that it looks older than actual age. Fruit is good for consumption for this type of facial skin are carrot *. Vitamin A in carrot is required for maintenance of the network epitel (Network surface of the skin). In the carrot carotene also maintain a working of skin, slow the occurrence of wrinkling on the face, and always make a face appear to glow. In addition, the pineapple fruit can also be your alternative. For, this fruit contains substances that act summarizes pore-pore so that the skin appears smoother.

Another case with normal skin types. Between the two types of skin before, the most ideal type of skin is normal. This type of skin is not oily and not dry. In addition, the smooth texture and feels soft if touched. To face this type of skin, avocado can be a fruit of your choice. Avocado mask can help treat the skin type of the face normal. For, the high oil degree can broke skin and protects skin from the influence of the sun.

* Carrot can be consumed with how to make raw or boiled carrot

(tips boil vegetables: that vitamins in vegetables remain secure, then before entering vegetables, stew are given salt water and a little sugar; sugar handy to ensure that the vitamin-vitamin that exists in the vegetable remain awake and not given away with water stew.)

Star Fruit For Beauty II

First, sweet star fruit Averrhoa Carambola shape or large, more than handful of adults. Have the form of a wave-like stars and colored sulfur. No wonder many people as called Star Fruits (Star Fruit). The taste diverse, when cooked, it will be sweet with little sour taste. Second type is Avverhoa star fruit taua known as star fruit or star fruit wuluh vegetables. What is called star fruit vegetables? What the fruit of this type of star fruit often found in the cooking vegetables such as tamarind or the cuisine. The form of fruit is much smaller than sweet star fruit. Star fruit shaped vegetables generally not more than fingers of adults, young and green have a sour taste, but refreshing.

Star fruit taste sweet fruit is sweet and refreshing. In addition, the fruit is called in English Fruit Stars (Star Fruit) is full of nutrition. Gynecology vitamins A and C inside them are powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals, increase body resistance.

In the sweet star fruit is also rich in pectin. The pektin able to trap cholesterol, prevent hepatitis or liver disease stiffening, and the bile acids in the intestine and helps disposal. And expedite the process of useful fiber digestion. What you can say, this fruit is the favorite fruit diets who want to slim.

Star Fruit For Beauty

What is in your mind while you remember about fruit star fruit? Fresh fruit is a fun with your friends or the sweet-sour of the heat absorbed when eaten? Not only that, FRUIT apparently have a myriad of property right. You do not however, see the advantages.

FRUIT fruit including fruit is the most widely found, ranging from traditional markets to supermarkets that luxury. Indeed, this fruit has many fans (you might also), soalnya which reputedly came from Malaysia this rame banget rasanya, there ASEM, sweet and slightly sepat so I try anyone who is so curious. Generally the fruit is used as a mixture rujak, juice or eaten directly, while many of the benefits to maintain health and beauty.

Star fruit is a plant form of fruit trees that came from Malaysia the area, and then spread to the wide variety of tropical countries in the world, including Indonesia. Star fruit that is in the community in general there are two main types.

Remove The toxic For The Beauty

And help remove the toxic free radicals from the body
Cigarette smoke, air pollution or chemicals in beauty products a bad impact on our skin. Due to free radicals that can damage the skin causing wrinkles or flek. With exercise, there is a poison in our bodies can be issued. Good blood circulation which causes the distribution of absorbed nutrients to the skin and help remove the maximum toxicity in the skin.

Consume Vitamine For Your Beauty

Gynecology vitamins and minerals found in fruits and vegetables is very useful for fresh faces. Your health will be better with mengkonsumsinya.
Enough sleep every day

Adequate sleep helps the body to repair cells damaged. So, before you try to sleep at least 8 hours a day so that the needs of this tercukupi.
Sports regularly

Although sometimes difficult to provide time for the sport because of feeling tired after a whole day activity, but try before you take the time to exercise at least 2 times a week, so that your health stays awake.

Making Up Your Face

Because of the tricks that make up right, you can disguise the signs of old so you can cover this shortfall. But before you make up your face, make sure that the cosmetics that you use is still feasible to use or not expired. What should be done during the make up so you can look younger? Here are some steps that may apply when you make up your own face.

Making Up Your Face

Because of the tricks that make up right, you can disguise the signs of old so you can cover this shortfall. But before you make up your face, make sure that the cosmetics that you use is still feasible to use or not expired. What should be done during the make up so you can look younger? Here are some steps that may apply when you make up your own face.

Use The strawberry for your beauty

How to make strawberry mask is not difficult. Next steps and make a strawberry mask that needs to be done so that your face looks pretty, too:

1. Blender the strawberry fruit until destroyed.
2. Add 1 teaspoon honey or yoghurt can be replaced with no taste.
3. Diamkan for 30 minutes.
4. Rinse with cold water.

Strawberry using this you can do once a week so that your face still looks bright and beautiful.

Cellulit Reduction Beauty tips

Reduce all
All caused fibroblast braided and formed a pocket of fat. Generally, all the buttocks, thigh or back of the arm and make a skin like orange peel. The presence of all the look you want. During exercise, the body of the process and the formation of muscle so that all that is can be remov


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