Monday, October 4, 2010

Sexy Thai karaoke girls

Karaoke is a serious business in Thailand; this is true from the business side, as it is (like all things related to nightlife and prostitution) a big earner for everybody who can stick their finger in the pie. In many cases, karaoke bars have their room right upstairs and upcountry fees payable can be minimal compared to tourist destinations like Phuket.
Then there is the entertainment side; having 'sanook' is a central concept of the Thai lifestyle. This means in most cases, that a whole group of Thai men will go to a karaoke bar, drink as long as they can, sing quite horrible and get entertained by the girls serving in the karaoke. They might be invited to sing for you, but my experiences show that most of them cannot sing that well either.
Typical for the Thai-only nightlife, just a few meters from where I live here on Phuket there are a whole row of such karaoke bars, with a lot of the girls much younger than you would ever expect them to meet in the Farang-oriented bars of Patong. So there is definitely a dark side to this, but as the police cannot demand much payout in those places they will do not much about it (the police station is actually 50 meters down the road)...
And not so long ago, the Thai Culture Minister warned against too much sexy Tghai girl action around local karaoke bars (as if anybody would listen!):
"Action will soon be taken against karaoke bars that seat scantily clad hostesses by the street to attract customers, Culture Watch Centre director Ladda Tangsuphachai said yesterday.
She said women in provocative dresses should remain inside bars. Police in Bangkok and elsewhere would be asked to keep karaoke bars and other entertainment venues in check.
A large number of karaoke bars and similar venues have opened in major Bangkok areas, including Lat Phrao, Pracha Chuen and Charan Sanitwong Road. They employ female staff in provocative attire to hail passing cars.
Ladda said she sympathised with women working in the nightlife industry but added that revealing dresses should not be worn and openly seen in the streets, even though such venues operated late at night.
She said she was following up an instruction given to her by Culture Minister Khaisri Sriaroon and Deputy Education Minister Varakorn Samkoses. She said the Interior Ministry, which gives permits to entertainment venues, may not renew the permits of uncooperative venues.
Ladda said the actions to be taken were similar to those imposed on prostitutes loitering on Bangkok streets and were not meant to affect the venues in terms of profits."
A video from YouTube showing sexy Thai karaoke girls "in action"; have a look quickly, as those materials vanish fast from YouTube:
And a few Thai karaoke girl photos from Asiansweetheart: Somebody had a big night at the karaoke bar. And they were nice enough to snap some photos of the fun and post the shots on one of the forums. There are five shots in the series, including that one above of two of the karaoke girls wrestling on the sofa:


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