Monday, October 4, 2010

Thai Girl or Ladyboy?

I received this email over the weekend and thought it would be fun to share it with all of you. Have you ever been in a bar in Bangkok (or anywhere for that matter) and seen a really cute Thai girl only to later find out she was a he? It’s pretty common for Thailand considering the large number of ladyboys and the Thai’s mai bpen rai attitude regarding sexual orientation.
Take the test below and see how good you are at spotting the differences between ladyboys and real Thai girls.
Can you be fooled?
In each of the following photos, try to guess which member of the couple
is a girl and which is a guy. There are 6 pairs. Look closely, then pick left or right to identify the guy.
(Answers are at the end. Don’t cheat!)


Thai ladyboy

Thai kathoey

Thai girl or ladyboy

Thai girl or kathoey
Sorry for the little bit of cheating by misleading you to think that 6 of them were girls. To be honest I would have guessed 10 out of 12, but no one is perfect. How did all of you do?


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